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Economics graduates pursue varied careers in business, law, banking and finance, government service, education, and private consulting.

While no course of study guarantees an interesting and lucrative job after graduation, a degree in economics more than holds its own with the alternatives. A recent study shows, for example, that the median earnings of both men and women who hold bachelor's degrees in economics are higher than the earnings of those who hold bachelor's degrees in business or other social sciences.

Although a bachelor's degree in economics, unlike a degree in accounting or engineering, does not prepare one for any particular job or career path, it does open up a broad range of employment and career possibilities.

Recent surveys by the Economics Department of its alumni and alumnae illustrate some of these possibilities. The survey asked Economics alumni about their first job after graduation, about how many times they had changed jobs and careers, and what they are doing now. The following pages summarize some of the results of the survey.

We conducted a survey in the spring of 2015 and 2016 of our alumni. Below is a partial list of employers where our alumni are currently working





Alum Rock School District




Bridge Bank


Calif Foundation on the Environment and the Economy


Child Action, Inc.




Comerica Bank




Federal Reserve Bank of SF


Federal Reserve Board


Franklin Templeton Investments


Hewlett Packard


Johnson & Johnson


Levi Strauss & Co


Morgan Stanley


National University




Northwestern Memorial HealthCare


Santa Clara University




Space Systems/Loral


Tesla Motors


U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission




Wells Fargo



Below is a partial list of current job titles (data obtained from Economics alumni responding to the surveys)

Accounting Manager


Advisor Relations Consultant




Business Analyst


Compensation Specialist


Credit Underwriter


Financial Analyst


Human Resources Analyst


Intranet Developer


Managing Director & Chief Economist


Product Development Assistant


Research Associate


School Teacher


Senior Manager, Market Research


Senior Tax Manager