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MSIS Curriculum

Your MSIS coursework falls within four broad clusters. The Core Knowledge components comprise 30 units; the Specialization and Capstone total 21 units. Most course descriptions are listed in the expandable menu below »

Core Information Systems Knowledge 

Core Information Systems courses give students knowledge about the technical aspects of information system design and strategic issues around their use.

MSIS 2601 Object Oriented Analysis and Programming (3 units) MSIS 2602 Information Systems Analysis and Design (3 units) MSIS 2603 Database Management Systems (3 units)
MSIS 2604 Information Systems Policy and Strategy (3 units) MSIS 2605 Telecommunications and Business Networks (3 units) MSIS 2606 Software Project Management (3 units)
MSIS course descriptions here »   

Core Business Knowledge

The Core Business courses provide students with an understanding of the "context" in which information systems operate. Students acquire a basic knowledge of business and organizational requirements that enable them to understand how information systems are designed and successfully implemented.

ACTG 2301 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3 units) OMIS 2355 Computer-Based Decision Models (3 units) MGMT 2501 Building and Leading High-Performance Teams and Organizations (3 units)
MSIS course descriptions here »   


Electives offer you a variety of courses to develop capabilities in a specific area, and several topical tracks are suggested for your specialization within the MSIS degree here »

You must choose up to five (5) electives for specialization.

Integration and Application

To complete your MSIS degree, you will develop perspectives on how information systems are actually designed and used, and how broad social and ethical questions must be considered in thinking about the use of such systems. You will complete a major application project as part of this cluster. Four (4) courses are required. See more about integration and application here »

Note: Courses are subject to change and availability in a given quarter is not guaranteed.