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LSB Community Fellows

The Leavey School of Business Community Fellows Program engages business students with local community organizations in a year long internship experiences.  


Students are selected through a competitive process in Spring quarter and begin work in September. Fellowships require a year long commitment from students and are designed to pay students at a rate competitive with internships in the for-profit sector.  Students work up to 10 hours per week and participate in a 1-unit seminar during each quarter.  The seminar allows interns to learn from each other, reflect on their experiences, and continue to build a network of relationships in the community.


The Fellows program was originally established in 2013 as part of the the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI) to place business students in non-profit organization internships to utilize their business skills in a non-profit organization serving low-income communities or individuals in ways that both benefit the organization and provide Fellows with a chance to learn through the application of these skills.  

Begun in 2012, the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI) is an effort of the Leavey School of Business  to build relationships with one or more low income neighborhoods in the San Jose area to achieve dual goals:

  • Provide hands on, community-based learning opportunities for LSB undergraduate students to use their business education to contribute to prosperity in low income neighborhoods.  Through these experiences students will gain perspectives on social justice and community engagement, and how they can incorporate these into their lives during and post-SCU.
  • In collaboration with community partners, foster economic prosperity for individuals, organizations and businesses in low income neighborhoods in San Jose.

Meet the Program Leaders