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Whether it's a speaker that will inspire you or a new connection for an internship, Frugal Innovation Gatherings (FIGS) are events designed for people who care about changing the world for the better to come together and join forces.

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There are several clubs on campus that are either affiliated directly with the Frugal Innovation Hub, or share similar missions and goals. There are also a variety of fellowships and exchange program opportunities for you to explore: check out all the ways you can get involved!

The School of Engineering hopes to foster an educational philosophy that goes well beyond narrow specialization and promotes a global and societal orientation. The Certificate in Frugal Innovation is motivated by our desire to provide graduate students with opportunities to further expand their understanding of the impact that engineering has on society, particularly when it comes to developing countries and emerging markets. Since poverty, health care and access to resources are critical issues for a large part of the world’s population, they represent a natural focal point for many of the courses listed below.

Required Core Classes (8 Units)

  • ENGR 336 Engineering for the Developing World (2 Units)
  • ENGR 338 Mobile Applications and Instrumentation for Emerging Markets (2 Units)
  • ENGR 340 Distributed and Renewable Energy for the Developing World (2 Units)
  • ENGR 341 Innovation, Design and Spirituality (2 Units)

Elective Group A (4 Units)

  • ENGR 349 Special Topics in Frugal Engineering (2 Units)
  • ENGR 342 3D Print Technology and Society (2 Units)
  • ENGR 273 Sustainable Energy and Ethics (2 units)
  • ENGR 304 Building Global Teams (2 Units)

Elective Group B (4 Units)

  • COEN 389 Energy Efficient Computing (2 Units)
  • ELEN 280/MECH 287 Introduction to Alternative Energy Systems (2 Units)
  • CENG 219 Designing for Sustainable Construction (4 Units)
  • ENGR 302 Managing in the Multicultural Environment (2 Units)
  • ELEN 288/COEN 282 Energy Management Systems (2 Units)
  • ENGR 334 Energy, Climate Change and Social Justice (2 Units)

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