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A Conversation Between “Enemies” in the Abortion War

The abortion war, with its focus on rights, has polarized our nation for over fifty years. It’s time for a new kind of conversation. Please join us in our commitment to hope, understanding, and a new beginning.


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Abortion Wars

Abortion Wars

Michelle Oberman and Julia Hejduk

Michelle Oberman, a pro-choice feminist, has researched countries that ban abortionShe learned that, even where banned, abortion remains commonplace, driven by poverty and facilitated by abortion drugs.

Julia Hejduk, a pro-life Catholic, has written about abortion and adoptionShe urges that society create positive incentives to help influence women’s choices.

Tips for Conversation Across the Aisle

1)    Set an intention: “Where there is hatred, let me sow love.”

2)    Acknowledge your disagreement frankly.

3)    Ask why the other person holds their belief, and really listen to their answer.

4)    Notice and focus on common ground.

Common Ground

Research shows women seek abortion for a mix of reasons, but the most common theme is that they lack resources for parenting.

Common ground lies in working to offset the cost of motherhood. Major issues like maternity leave, job and housing security, and flexible part-time childcare belong in our abortion conversations.

But there are also simple steps we can take now. We can work together to alleviate diaper need. We can increase adoption awareness and support birth mothers.

Dec 6, 2018