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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Supporting Ethics in Health Care

Recognizing that a deep foundation in ethical thinking is critical to the development of health care professionals and to good patient care, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics initiated its one-of-a-kind Health Care Ethics Internship nearly 20 years ago. The emphasis on professional development and the solid grounding in ethics is why Sally and Steve Lee of Eugene, Oregon, decided to invest in the program.

Their daughter, Lindsey, graduated from SCU in 2019 after participating in the internship as a junior and being awarded the Honzel Fellowship in her senior year. Lindsey was so enthusiastic about her year-long internship experience shadowing health care professionals and engaging in ethical reflection that she encouraged her parents to direct their donation to the program so that this opportunity would be available to future students. Sensing Lindsey’s passion and valuing her opinion, they agreed.

After graduation, Lindsey is launching her career in health care with a solid foundation in ethics. Recently she began working as a research coordinator at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland. She continues to contribute ideas and insights to the Ethics Center based on her experience as an intern and Honzel Fellow. As part of her Fellowship, she is currently finalizing an online training module designed to teach ethics to hospital volunteer staff, mentored by Ann Mongoven, associate director of health care ethics at the Center.

“The Ethics Center has added so much value to my educational experience at Santa Clara University. All of the faculty and staff, especially those involved in health care ethics, have taught me the importance and value of applying an ethical framework to not only my professional life but to my personal one as well. I know that no matter what vocation I decide to pursue, the foundation this Center has given me is something I will carry with me forever and will allow me to have a career that is one of intentionality and compassion. I am eternally grateful for the impact the Markkula Center has had on my life.”

Lindsey Lee — Lindsey Lee, 2019 Honzel Fellow