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Articles by DeCosse Receive Awards from Catholic Press Association

David DeCosse Award

David DeCosse Award

The Ethics Center congratulates David DeCosse, director of Catholic and religious ethics, who was a member of two teams of National Catholic Reporter writers that recently won awards from the Catholic Press Association. 

DeCosse and team were awarded first place for the 2023 “Best Online Content Not Published in Print- Feature”. There were a number of articles submitted including DeCosse's article called, “After 70 Years, William Everson's 'Canticle to the Waterbirds' Still Sings”, an essay is about the 70th anniversary of the poem "Canticle to the Waterbirds," which connects Everson’s poem to the ethics of climate change. 

DeCosse and others were awarded second place for 2023 “Best Coverage- Pro Life Issues”. Again, there were a number of articles submitted including another article of authored by DeCosse, "Church Teaching on the Dignity of Women Changed my Mind About Criminalizing Abortion". 

DeCosse is a regular contributor to National Catholic Reporter, author on Conscience  and Catholicism, Freedom, Country and Catholicism, and creates regular articles and commentary for the Ethics Center. Congratulations again to DeCosse for his accomplishments in the Catholic Press Association’s 2023 review. 

Oct 6, 2023


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