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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

DeCosse Presents Ethics Center Orientation for “ConnectU”

How are ethical issues like birds? David DeCosse, special assistant to the president for Catholic Initiatives, director of Religious and Catholic Ethics, and adjunct associate professor of Religious Studies, presented recently on this and related topics. His overview of the Ethics Center during this fall’s orientation was conducted as part of a team of five presenters on various topics from SCU’s Office of Student Life.

Due to the pandemic, the presentation took place virtually for the first time, over a four-day period in mid-September. It was part of “ConnectU,” a component of the “Being a Bronco” series organized by the Office of Student Life as a welcome for incoming students. The historic and well received orientation was presented via Zoom to over 1200 participants.

The presentation included:
-Definitions of Ethics
-Discussion of Ethics and Conscience
-Writing exercises and discussion on ethical issues and case studies, including, for example, the national mandate to wear masks during the pandemic
-Orientation to Center’s Framework for Ethical 
Sep 24, 2020


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