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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Director of Internet Ethics Raicu at RSA

RSA Conf

RSA Conf

Online ethics and privacy is focus

Ethics Center Director of Internet Ethics Irina Raicu will speak on "Thinking Differently about Ethics and Privacy on the Internet," on Monday, April 16 at 9:10 a.m., at this week's RSA Conference at The Moscone Center in San Francisco. Her session is part of the "Securing Diversity" program. A new onDemand platform will allow those who register for this service to access this portion of the Conference for free at the convenience of their own computers. The Monday morning sessions are described as follows:

"Diversity is core to making good organizations great. It is what makes us as individuals succeed. This seminar is an opportunity to think differently in recognizing and valuing diversity. You will hear from a wide range of speakers designed to expose you to a variety of thoughts, backgrounds and perspectives—diversity in practice."

Raicu will also serve as Facilitator for "Ethical Dilemmas in Cybersecurity," a Learning Lab panel, on Tuesday April 17, 2:30-4:30. 

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Apr 16, 2018


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