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Ethics Bowl Champs

Ethics Bowl Team 2018

Ethics Bowl Team 2018

SCU wins national competition in Chicago

Would it be ethical to pay citizens to vote, or to make voting mandatory? What are the ethical implications of the nuclear rhetoric between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un? Should a radio station owner silence a host who is questioning the science behind vaccinations and climate change?

By providing thoughtful, strong, and persuasive answers to timely ethical questions like these, Santa Clara University’s four-member Ethics Bowl team prevailed over more than 200 other colleges and universities to win the twenty-second annual Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl championship.

This is the first national championship win for Santa Clara—and is also the first time a California team has ever won the nationals. Last year, Santa Clara’s team also qualified for nationals and placed fourth in the country.

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Mar 6, 2018


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