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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Ethics Center Featured in the Journal of Moral Theology

Journal of Moral Theology, Vol. 9, Issue Special Issue 2, 2020

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics is proud to announce that it was recently profiled in the Journal of Moral Theology, a peer-reviewed scholarly publication focused on Catholic moral theology. It is concerned with contemporary issues and is deeply rooted in the tradition of inquiry about moral life.

The profile spoke highly of Santa Clara University’s expansive Ethics Center and articulated our unique place in academia for having such a vast, comprehensive ethics program, specifically for applied ethics. Ethics has always been a core Jesuit value and a graduation requirement since the university’s founding. With the creation of the Ethics Center in 1986, the university increased both the depth and breadth of its reach. The Center is 90% outwardly focused to help companies and individuals make ethical choices and 10% inwardly focused, however, the external reach of the Center impacts Santa Clara's reputation, thereby shaping the internal culture as well.

The article covered the center’s objective and open-minded practices, noting our dilemma-based approach to solve concrete, existing problems rather than hypotheticals and meta-ethical questions. Also highlighted were several of the Ethics Center's programs, including public events, student fellowships and internship programs, and grants for student and faculty research. The article then took an in-depth look at the bioethics and health care ethics internships as well as the fast-growing instructional programs from the internet and technology ethics programs. 

The article concluded by talking about the importance of connecting ethics to the greater community and offered a brief discussion of general challenges for university ethics centers, including building a donor base for less glamorous projects.

The highly complimentary article, along with other appearances in the media, help to build awareness for the Ethics Center, expanding its audience and making it easier to help individuals and organizations make ethical decisions.


Nov 20, 2020


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