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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Ethics Center Student Award Highlights

Outstanding SCU students involved with the Ethics Center this year and in the recent past were well represented during SCU virtual graduation recognitions and honors held in early June. The Ethics Center is thrilled to highlight the following ten students and proud of their hard work in numerous areas in ethics in collaboration with the Center:
*Markkula Prize Winner: Hackworth Fellow Tiana Nguyen (pictured here)

*St. Clare Medal: Natalie Kennedy (Healthcare Ethics Intern 2018-19;
Honzel Fellow 2019-20)

*Student Life Award:
Kirsten Dodroe (Healthcare Ethics Intern 2018-19)
Parwana Khazi (Hackworth Fellow 2019-20)
Sahil Sagar (Hackworth Fellow 2019-20)

*Richard J Riordan Award (Community Service)
Katherine Xia (Healthcare Ethics Intern 2019-20)

Sabine Pigg (Health Care Ethics Intern 2019-20)

*Amos Dana Award for Distinction in Public Service
Mariana Perera (Hackworth Fellow 2019-20)

* Matt Meier Prize 
Khiely Anne Jackson (Hackworth Fellow 2019-20)

*Eleanor Willemsen Community Service Award 
Anthony Mejia (Hackworth Fellow 2019-20)
Congratulations to the winners!
Jun 24, 2020


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