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Integrity Pledge

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Website provides resources for faculty and students

Santa Clara University launched its new Academic Integrity Website this week, featuring resources for students and faculty on plagiarism, the Academic Integrity Pledge, and the process for handling violations of the Student Conduct Code. 

Ethics Center staff and student fellows have been integral to the University’s efforts on academic integrity.  In 2011, our Hackworth Fellow Kadee Mardula worked on a re-examination of the Engineering School’s Honor Code.  Campus Ethics Director David DeCosse and 2012 Hackworth Fellow Aven Satre-Meloy advanced proposals for a Universitywide Honor Code through extensive research that included surveys of undergraduates, public meetings, and conversations with national experts on honor codes.  

The work led to the adoption in 2014 of the Academic Integrity Pledge: "I am committed to being a person of integrity. I pledge, as a member of the Santa Clara University community, to abide by and uphold the standards of academic integrity contained in the Student Conduct Code." 

The new website traces the history of academic integrity efforts on campus and provides practical assistance for creating a culture of integrity on campus.

Jan 6, 2017


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