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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Introducing "Line of Sight" Podcast

new podcast Line of Sight

new podcast Line of Sight

The Ethics Center is excited to announce the launch of "Line of Sight" an interview-format podcast hosted by Ethics Center Executive Director Don Heider, and Miller Center Executive Director Thane Kreiner. "Line of Sight" presents a unique view of innovation by bringing technologists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries into provocative conversations with two of the world’s top thought leaders in the fields of social justice and ethics, Kreiner and Heider. Whether you are interested in Silicon Valley ideation, global changemakers, or thought leadership from the region’s first incubator of ideas, the podcast offers something for every savvy listener.

The first episode features Diana Kapp, author of “Girls Who Run the World." She shares stories of successful women leaders profiled in her new book, with the goal of inspiring girls to lead organizations that make the world a better place. “You can’t be what you don’t see," comments Kapp. Stay tuned for new bi-weekly episodes starting January 2020.

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Dec 5, 2019


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