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Jeremy Herb Wins Emmy

Congratulations to former Ethics Center Hackworth grant recipient Jeremy Herb ’08, national security reporter covering Congress for CNN Politics, who won an Emmy this year, along with his CNN team. The Emmy went to CNN's Russia team that covered Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation. 

Prior to CNN, Herb was a defense reporter at Politico, where he wrote about the Pentagon, Congress, and defense industry political influence, and did a stint as author of the "Morning Defense" newsletter.

Herb was also a national security reporter at The Hill and a Washington correspondent for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, where he covered the presidential campaigns of former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Regarding his Hackworth Grant, Herb states:

“I did my Comms Capstone in Israel at a Jewish-Palestinian community called the Oasis of Peace, which I lived in for two weeks during SCU winter break. The story I wrote for the Capstone class, which focuses on the children who grew up in the village, can be found here.”

Herb is originally from San Jose, CA. In addition to his degree from Santa Clara University, he has and a master's from Columbia University's Journalism School.

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Sep 28, 2020


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