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The Trust Project on the Road

Sally Lehrman (middle) speaks at the Skoll World Forum

Sally Lehrman (middle) speaks at the Skoll World Forum

Sharing the indicators of trustworthy news

Over the past month, Sally Lehrman, senior director of Journalism Ethics and of the Trust Project, has been spreading the word about the Center’s efforts to promote quality journalism.  The Trust Project, a consortium of top news companies, is developing transparency standards that help readers assess the credibility of journalism. 

First, Lehrman described this work at a meeting of the World Economic Forum in San Francisco, March 29.  Titled, “Digital Misinformation: Re-establishing Credibility in Information and Institutions,” the roundtable discussion gathered stakeholders with a common interest in fighting digital misinformation so as to identify opportunities for public-private collaboration. 

On April 11, Lehrman was part of a panel on Social Media Platforms: Influence and Ethics at the Skoll World Forum in London.  The group discussed the power that social media wield and the responsibilities that flow from that power.  They also explored the role of freedom of expression in the social media sphere. 

Finally, the Trust Project was featured at the Humanity 2.0 Forum at the Vatican on April 19.  Lehrman was joined there by Trust Project participants from El Pais, Haymarket Media, the Economist, and La Repubblica, who described some of the problems news organizations are encountering in the online world and how the Trust Project has provided a solution.  The guest list consisted of CEOs, political leaders, celebrities, social activists, and academics.

Apr 30, 2018


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