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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Two Key Ethical Issues the Pandemic Brings to Light

The Coronavirus and its accelerating spread around the globe has been dominating the headlines. With new announcements last week declaring the virus both a pandemic and a National Emergency in the U.S., the stakes have grown higher. The pandemic has frighteningly quickly challenged our way of life and brought our everyday institutions to a historic standstill—from school closures, to disruptions in the arts, sports, education, community activities, business, and of course, healthcare. In response, while the Center is working on a new Ethics Spotlight on COVID-19 coming soon, we bring you two new articles: The first, Public Health Justice in Pandemic Times, is on the importance of supporting our fragile populations in the context of “justice,” was written by SCU’s Public Health faculty. The second, Ethical Leadership Practice in a Pandemic, was written by Senior Director of Leadership Ethics Ann Skeet, and explores six tips for ethical leadership in times of crisis.
Mar 16, 2020


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