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Ethics: What's Your Role

Ethics: What's Your Role

Ethics: What's Your Role

"In my 40 years of teaching business ethics, I've come to believe that understanding the roles we play in life is the key to ethical living."  So begins Ethics Center Executive Director Kirk Hanson's most recent piece for the Santa Clara University blog, Illuminate: Bright Ideas From SCU Thought Leaders.

In it, Hanson reflects on the obligations that come with the various roles we play in life and how some of the toughest ethical dilemmas arise from conflicts between those obligations.

Hanson was also interviewed this week by the Wall Street Journal for the piece, Foreign Government Gifts to Clinton Foundation on the Rise.  The article looked at possible conflicts of interest raised by gifts to the foundation from governments that might have business before Clinton should she eventually become president.  According to the WSJ,  

Kirk Hanson, director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University in California, said the Clintons should immediately reimpose the ban, for the same reasons it was in place while Mrs. Clinton led U.S. foreign policy. “Now that she is gearing up to run for president, the same potential exists for foreign governments to curry favor with her as a potential president of the United States,” he said.


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