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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

ESG Leadership Resources for Governance


The following materials help organizations and leaders understand how to manage ESG (environmental, social, governance) considerations within the corporate and business environment.

Teaching Note: Interview of Theranos Whistleblower, Tyler Shultz

This teaching module for business ethics, leadership and management courses includes two videos, homework assignments, and class discussion, all designed to spark conversation about ethical issues associated with whistleblowers and corporate governance.

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Two Column
Managing Organizational Ethics

How ethics becomes pervasive within organizations.

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Resources for ESG's Governance Frame for Businesses and Leaders
A computer screen with stock trading information.

ESG investing is impacting how businesses operate, however, critics argue that ESG funds financially underperform and do not seem to deliver better ESG performance.

hands stacked on top of one another

Six methods for leading an organization to achieve ethical outcomes by making decisions with the consideration of others, meaning various stakeholders, in mind.

Rises in the gap between c-suite executive and frontline worker pay have grown exponentially, while the rest of the world is suffering through a pandemic.

Hand outreaching

We, as individuals, require humility, kindness, and action to achieve any semblance of solidarity with those facing hate.

gamestop storefront and logo sign

Businesses that serve consumers and other businesses simultaneously often involve conflicted interests, and require regulation to reconcile these conflicts.

Top view of people around a table using technology devices

As new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing and blockchain become mainstream, and their practical uses more pervasive, myriad new business opportunities will be created.

A flyer which has the text

The Partnership on AI, in collaboration with Markkula Center for Applied Ethics staff, has published a paper offering a framework for workforce well-being in the age of artificial intelligence.

Toxic Workplace

Shareholders must ensure that management builds employee morale and a company’s value.

CEOs need to consider who they’re representing prior to commenting on political or social issues.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Case study explores Kevin Johnson's response to an incident where two African Americans were asked to leave a Philadelphia Starbucks.

Business handshake

The ethical lapses CEOs make in their personal lives link directly to declines in shareholder value.

Evan Spiegel

Three examples of CEOs whose leadership of their firm has been called into question over matters of their personal integrity and behavior.