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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Consultation from the Ethics Center

Consultation From the Ethics Center


Ethics Center Consultation Logos of companies for which the Ethics Center provides consultation: Deloitte, Alphabet, Google, Mojo, World Economic Forum, Kingdom of the Netherlands

At the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, the teaching of ethics is essential to the goals described in our mission statement. While this often takes the form of educating the public and aiding organizations, the mission can also be found in the Center’s Fee-for-Service program. Through this work, the Center consults with large and small companies, nonprofits and government entities to help with ESG and other issues that require help deciphering ethical dilemmas within each field.

This coaching can take place through training sessions in person or online, the creation of case studies, and more individualized approaches to different situations. Each company presents a new and unique angle from which the Center’s team can provide ethical commentary and guidance. The Center also personalizes the teams working on each project, with its technology, medical, business and other ethics experts working with companies in their respective sectors.

These consultative services are an essential component of the Center’s offerings, and allows the Center to reach people and companies in unique and personalized ways, increasing our impact in the communities we serve.

For more information about the Ethics Center's Fee-for-Service programs, contact Thor Wasbotten, at