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ESG Environment Resources


Environmental reporting standards, environmentally friendly investing options, achieving zero carbon emissions and responsibly sourced supply chains are all part of the sustainability scorecards companies need. Browse a selection of resources, events, articles, cases, and commentary from Ethics Center faculty, staff, and students.

Featured Environment Resources
A hand holding a clear sphere with a leaf on it.

Can ESG move past ingrained notions of property and capitalism and aid in the movement toward a more equitable, ethical, and sustainable future?

Pollution in a city.

ESG provides businesses with an opportunity to emphasize accountability and shift from a shareholder to a stakeholder model of business ownership.

A structure with solar panels in the city.

Ten important steps for companies pursuing ESG and a sustainable approach to business.

A yacht sitting at a pier.

Resource consumption is a major environmental and humanitarian issue, and one that ESG evaluation standards should take into account when making recommendations.

A generic bar graph featuring a trendline and a magnifying glass focused on one section

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)-focused companies performed better than others through the market volatility so common during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ann Skeet
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Response to John Denniston’s Public Lecture, “Our Future on a Shared Planet” Conference, Santa Clara University.