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Harassment free workplaces, matters of social justice, and the need to account for political polarity while also taking a corporate position on social matters is all relatively new terrain for many of today’s corporate executives. Browse a selection of resources, events, articles, cases, and commentary from Ethics Center faculty, staff, and students. 

All ESG Social Resources
Empty garage with a highlighted walking path in front of an IKEA.

In this business ethics case study, Swedish multinational company IKEA faced accusations relating to child labor abuses in the rug industry in Pakistan which posed a serious challenge for the company and its supply chain management goals.

hands stacked on top of one another

Six methods for leading an organization to achieve ethical outcomes by making decisions with the consideration of others, meaning various stakeholders, in mind.

How to build healthy organizations

Direction for the development of the workplace virtue known as cultural humility, defining employee experience, and identifying competencies that can be used to cultivate skills in the workforce with suggestions about how these can be woven into the intentional management and integration of corporate culture.

Rises in the gap between c-suite executive and frontline worker pay have grown exponentially, while the rest of the world is suffering through a pandemic.

Ethical questions pertaining to the use of proctoring software in online teaching.

Protester holding sign that reads,

The news media has historically oversimplified and stereotyped coverage of people of color in general and Asian-American communities in particular.

Hand outreaching

We, as individuals, require humility, kindness, and action to achieve any semblance of solidarity with those facing hate.

How solidarity news values can help improve reporting on marginalized communities

gamestop storefront and logo sign

Businesses that serve consumers and other businesses simultaneously often involve conflicted interests, and require regulation to reconcile these conflicts.

Ethics by design : An organizational approach to responsible use of technology

Along with WEF and Deloitte, the center contributed to the report, “Ethics by Design” – An Organizational Approach to Responsible Use of Technology.

profile of robot

The expression "human in the loop" should be interpreted by humans.

couple embracing on the beach, each looking at mobile device screens

Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” tries to sound the alarm on the dangerous human impact of social networking.

Kellyanne Conway

Should the media “cover” Kellyanne Conway’s daughter and her posts on TikTok?

Scientific Evidence Image Binkley Vincent

A three-step process and a framework of questions to make ethical reporting decisions, with recent convalescent plasma reporting as an example.

A flyer which has the text

The Partnership on AI, in collaboration with Markkula Center for Applied Ethics staff, has published a paper offering a framework for workforce well-being in the age of artificial intelligence.

students line up to greet their teacher and enter building, physically distanced and wearing masks

The decision to send children back in classrooms is a particularly challenging one for school superintendents, and they need our support.

hand holding tilted hourglass

‘How will you measure your life?’ famed educator Clayton Christensen asked. That is the question for this moment.

student wearing face mask sitting in empty classroom

If we don’t get schools open in a format that works for everyone we will not get Silicon Valley open for business.

desk with computer in front of window

Should remote tracking tools be deployed to assess the employees in the C-level suite?

Insights on developing a diverse and inclusive workplace from the Diversity Dialogues series at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

mini scales of justice

Leadership from all of us can move us forward now when traditional leadership is failing us.

man wearing business suit holding a newspaper with world is changing headline

As companies are considering how to move forward, business leaders have an opportunity to put human welfare first.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Donald Trump at White House podium during Coronavirus press conference

While great leadership is typically called upon in times of crisis, it’s become evident during the coronavirus pandemic, that great followership can be of even greater importance.

wall of words pertaining to social media and news

Both traditional journalism and social media are unwilling to reconsider their newsworthiness exemptions for politicians. This is particularly problematic in the midst of a global public health crisis because it drives unethical behavior in society.

employees having a meeting

10 ways companies can be more attentive and responsive to people’s needs

Adam Silver

Ethical leadership is required from all of us during times of crisis.

Toxic Workplace

Shareholders must ensure that management builds employee morale and a company’s value.

New guide offers principles, techniques, and a framework for ethical storytelling decisions

A collage of faces

Ethical questions about data collection, access, use, and control.

Compass Pointing to Leadership

As start-up companies gain traction, it’s important that their leadership has guardrails in place to ensure they grow responsibly.


The president’s interest in nuking hurricanes got into the news cycle last month, but one CNN reporter’s news article is an example of thoughtful work under deadline.

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