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Ethical Leadership Topics of Interest

Of special interest:

Responsible Leadership Online Course

A course from Globethics with instructors from all continents, providing an international perspective.  

Lecture Topics and Instructors:

  1. Responsible Leadership  - Global and contextual values - Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger - Global
  2. Consumer Rights Protection and Legal Remedies - Prof. Dr Liu Baocheng - China
  3. Responsible Leadership and Gender Ethics: An Islamic Perspective - Prof. Dr Siti Syamsiyatun - Indonesia
  4. Interreligious Ethics - Prof. Paulachan Kochapilly – India
  5. Ethics in Public Administration - Prof. Alexander Ageev – Russia
  6. Intercultural Communication - Dr. h.c. Walter Fust – Europe
  7. Business ethics - Tayfun Zaman - Turkey
  8. Corruption, Transparency Peace - Dr Elisabeth Nduku – Eastern Africa
  9. Responsible Leadership of young (male/female) leaders - Angèle Kalouché Biao – Francophone Africa
  10. Ethics in Higher Education - Prof. Dr Divya Singh – Southern Africa
  11. Bioethics and Research Ethics - Prof. Dr Florencia Luna – South America
  12. Political Ethics - Prof. Dr Heidi Hadsell – North America
  13. Ethics of Public Officials - Dr Joan Dubinsky – Global/United Nations
  14. Interdependence between sectors of Responsible Leadership - Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger – Global