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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Global Jesuit Ethics Outreach Initiative

As part of “the Jesuit university in Silicon Valley,” the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics is embedded in the worldwide network of Jesuit institutions of higher learning.  The Center focuses on connecting Jesuits involved in ethics through its Global Jesuit Ethics Outreach Initiative.  The initiative includes:

Global Business Ethics Conferences 

Beginning in 2017, the Center is cosponsoring three conferences to bring together ethics professionals and business leaders to discuss challenges as well as responses and initiatives in teaching and managing ethics in a global world.  The 2017 conference, held at Ateneo de Manila, assembled Jesuit business ethics professors and business executives from Asia. The second gathering will be held in Zurich in May 2018, co-sponsored by the Swiss Jesuit Province, and the third takes place at Santa Clara University in July 2019, co-sponsored by the Leavey School of Business. Attendees will include business ethics faculty from Jesuit colleges in Europe and Africa, and the United States and South America, respectively. 

Global Jesuit Fellows

The Fellows Program allows the Ethics Center to bring prominent Jesuits from around the world to campus and to send Ethics Center scholars to Jesuit universities abroad.  Fellows have included:

Oscar Bulaong, director, Gov. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Ethics Center, Ateneo de Manila

Young Park, director, Sustainable Business Ethics Research Center, Sogang University

Thomas Reese, S.J., senior analyst, National Catholic Reporter

Tobias Karcher, S.J., director, Lassalle-Haus, Switzerland

Cecilia Martinez Arellano, associate director, Centre for Applied Ethics, Deusto University

David DeCosse, director, campus ethics, Santa Clara University 

Jesuit Digital Network

The Center was part of the pilot of the Jesuit Digital Network, which connects high quality academic content in the Jesuit tradition with educators and learners across institutions and regions.  More than 300 of the Center’s articles and cases are included. 

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Several Jesuit institutions took advantage of the Center’s MOOCS on business ethics. Faculty from Marquette University in Wisconsin and St. Aloysius College in India have made the MOOCs part of their curriculum. “Business Ethics for the Real World” was also translated into Korean by Sogang University. 

The Global Jesuit Ethics Outreach Initiative was made possible by a generous gift from Chuck and Nan Geschke.