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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics


Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Worry College Officials

Don Heider, executive director, interviewed on The World Tonight on the Black News Channel

Don Heider, chief executive of the Markkula Ethics Center, strongly advises those seeking fraudulent vaccination cards to consider the academic and moral consequences during an interview with the Black News Channel.

"You literally could be threatening the life of one of your colleagues. And not just them, their extended families...if you forge any documents and the university finds out, you're putting in jeopardy your whole college career. You could be expelled. You could—If you're a senior, they might expel you and not credit you for any of the credit you've earned for any of the four years you've been there..."

Heider recommends students and families ask themselves the following questions: "Are you doing things that are fair for other people? Are you doing things for the common good? Are you doing things that will help and not hurt other people? And I would say, getting a fake vaccination card, you have to answer no to all these questions."

Don Heider, executive director, interviewed on The World Tonight on the Black News Channel