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Board Room

Board Room

Morals, Ethics and Gender Equality in Business Leadership

Ann Skeet, Senior Director of Leadership Ethics, interviewed on KCBS Radio.

"A company is an entity, it is not capable of having a conscience. So it is really the people that are working in the organizations and their moral judgments and the way they are thinking about issues that we have to rely on."

"One thing that is working for women is increased transparency and data. [...] So we are learning, we are learning to use the tools that we have, the datasets that we have, we're learning to come back to things multiple times until we have a more systemic fix. And we have transparency now through many social media and other tools that help women and minorities to be able to make the case, to bring forward the fact that they are there."

Senior Director of Leadership Ethics, Ann Skeet, interviewed on KCBS Radio.