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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics


Santa Clara Turns to Ethics for Guidance on Clergy Scandal

Members of the Markkula Ethics Center for Applied Ethics offer guidance on the clergy scandal.

For bishops, Markkula Center’s former executive director Kirk Hanson suggests considering disclosure of more rather than less negative information as a form of trust building.

For other organizations, Markkula Center Director of Bioethics Margaret McLean provides lessons from the scandal that can be applied in other contexts such as health care.

Markkula Director of Campus Ethics David DeCosse reinforces the need for outrage as well as hope, lest we fall into cynicism, and reminds us that “our very revulsion at what happened testifies to the enduring basis of ethics: our most fundamental intuitions of good and evil.”

And for Church leaders who will ultimately reckon with the changes that must at long last be implemented, Markkula’s Senior Director of Leadership Ethics Ann Skeet lays out the warning signs of unhealthy culture, and offers a reminder that it is the people of the church – not the institution – that should be the focus of protective reforms.

Kirk Hanson, Margaret McLean, David DeCosse and Ann Skeet quoted on The Valley Catholic.