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Does anyone get Cs at this University?

Does anyone get Cs at this University?

Let Me See Your Grades

Juliana's parents insist on looking at her academic record.

Juliana was a good student in high school. She wasn't valedictorian, but she got mostly As and Bs. Her parents thought they had to sit on her to get her assignments done, but she thought they worried too much. After all, she did get into the college of her choice and was starting her freshman year at school.

Juliana was looking forward to the independence of the college environment. There was only one hitch: her parents were insisting that she allow them to see her grades. Because she was 18, by law, she was an adult. But by her parents' law, she was either going to make her records accessible or they weren't going to pay for school.

Was it right for them to invade her privacy like this?

Here are some useful resources:

A Framework for Ethical Decision Making 

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Photo by quinn.anya available under Creative Commons License.