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Dominic Rios

Dominic Rios
Dominic Rios

Graduation Year: 2013

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Current Residence: San Diego, CA

Major at Santa Clara: History

Occupation: High School Educator

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Favorite memory from Santa Clara 

  • Welcome Weekend (my own in 2009 and each subsequent iteration as a Alpha Residence Life staff member)
  • Spring picnics in the Mission Gardens
  • Attending weekly mass at the Mission

Extracurricular activities while a student at SCU

  • Residence Life (Alpha RLC Community Facilitator and Assistant Resident Director)
  • Student Employee (Athletic Department)
  • Intramural Sports

My hobbies and interests

  • Cooking
  • Running
  • Exercising
  • Language Learning
  • Photography
  • Traveling

Things I am good at

  • Critical thinking
  • Writing & Proofreading
  • Consistency
  • Clear and concise communication

Expertise that I have acquired in my life and career that I bring to my term of service on the SCU Alumni Board

I am incredibly proud of the leadership skills that I have acquired in my time as an educator. Teaching requires an immense amount of professional preparation, execution, and procedural review. More importantly, I have strengthened foundational leadership and interpersonal skills related to communication, conflict mediation, and empathetic understanding—all of which are especially impactful given the unique challenges that this generation of young adults faces. I look forward to bringing these areas of professional expertise to my work with the Alumni Board of Directors!

San Diego, California