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About the Accounting Association

The Santa Clara University Accounting Association (SCUAA) is a student-run organization striving to prepare accounting majors for professional success. The SCUAA works closely with the Accounting Department and employers to organize events that provide students with opportunities to meaningfully connect with professionals. The Club’s officers are advised by Dr. Michael Calegari (who also serves as Director of the Center for Accounting Research and Education) and club activities are supported by the Center’s Senior Administrative Assistant, Deanna Sisneros.

This year’s senior officers include Connie Chang, Andrew Heckel, Laura Kubisiak, Kate Laughton, and Michelle Wu. These five officers began participating in the SCUAA during the spring quarter of their sophomore years (in 2016). The four junior officers (Kimmy Barclay, Evan Chen, Jordan Ford and John Lambert) were selected from a competitive pool in Spring 2017 to help the seniors organize events and prepare for the 2017 Meet-The-Firms Night.

Connie Change AA OfficerAndrew Heckel Sr Officer SCUAALaura Kubisiak Sr Officer SCUAAKate Laughton Sr Officer SCUAAMichelle Wu Sr Officer SCUAA

Senior Officers in order as images appear above: Connie Chang, Andrew Heckel, Laura Kubisiak, Kate Laughton and Michelle Wu.


Junior Officers in order as images appear above. Evan Chen, Kimmy Barclay, Jordan Ford and John Lambert.

 Accounting Association News & Events

Though the 2017-18 academic year began on September 19, the SCUAA officers were preparing for Meet-The-Firms Night throughout the summer. This year’s 36th Annual Meet-The-Firms Night took place on Thursday, September 28th, 2017. At this year’s event, 137 students met with professional representatives from 26 firms in SCU’s Locatelli Center. The event, co-chaired by Laura Kubisiak and Kate Laughton, was well-received by both students and firm representatives. Please find more details and photos about the event here.

In recent years, students increasingly began to rely on social media for advice in creating their resumes and preparing for interviews. Moreover, due to expanding virtual outreach by CPA firms and changes in CPA firm campus recruiting practices, fewer students have felt the need to attend formal campus recruiting events. Consequently, this year’s senior officers decided to dial back the number of SCUAA-organized on-campus events for junior and senior students. Instead, the officers (with the support of the Accounting Department) decided to focus more attention on events that reach first year and sophomore students.

On November 7, the SCUAA supported a panel discussion organized by Professor Chris Paisley and Deanna Sisneros, on “Building a Corporate Career with an Accounting/Financial Background) that drew over 80 students (about 1/3 sophomores and 2/3 first years). The officers will also assist the Department with the 2018 Accounting Information Night (to be held on February 1) and a new Sophomore Accounting Career Fair (to be held February 15). In April, the senior officers will transition leadership responsibilities to the junior officers, who will begin interviewing candidates who are interested in serving as officers in upcoming years.

Please contact one of the senior or junior officers if you are a student interested in joining SCUAA or an accounting/A&IS alum or professional interested in participating in Accounting Information Night or other upcoming activities.