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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University
Department ofAccounting

Recruiting Events

The SCU Accounting Association and the Accounting Department organize career fairs for students interested in accounting careers.

Fall Meet-The-Firms 

At the beginning of the Fall Quarter, the SCU Accounting Association hosts its annual Meet-The-Firms (MTF) Night. This event unites SCU accounting and A&IS students with potential employers who wish to hire them. Employers that attend the event receive a resume booklet that includes resumes from all students interested in pursuing a career in accounting. Students who wish to include their resumes in the booklet must submit their resumes in a prescribed format to the SCU Accounting Association by a deadline that occurs a few days before the event. In the weeks before MTF Night, the SCU Accounting Association organizes workshops to help students best prepare for the event. For news about the most recent MTF Night, see SCU’s Annual Meet-The-Firms in News & Events.

Sophomore Accounting / A&IS Career Fair

During the Winter Quarter, the Accounting Department holds an annual Sophomore Accounting / A&IS Career Fair. The goal of this career fair is to introduce students to accounting firms who will be offering sophomore summer leadership programs, junior summer internships, and other opportunities.  Summer leadership programs are a great way to get firsthand experience at a firm and often lead to an offer for a future summer internship.  In addition, some firms may interview sophomores during on-campus interviews for summer internships following their junior year. The Sophomore Accounting / A&IS Career Fair is a great opportunity to get a jump start on these internships. For news about the most recent  Sophomore Accounting / A&IS Career Fair, see Annual Sophomore Accounting/A&IS Career Fair in News and Events.