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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University

Resume Review

As a Graduate Business student at SCU, it is important to alway be "resume ready."  Use the resume template below that is relevant to your degree program to draft a resume that can be used for job applications, career fairs, practicum pitch night, and employer resume call-outs.  Only SCU-templated resumes can be used for Graduate Business Program events and outreach.
Why a template?  All notable and top tier graduate business programs, SCU included, provide students with a resume template to convey professional branding of their student talent, as well as their programs, for employers to easily identify the students whose skills meet their job requirements. The easier it is for employers to identify candidates within SCU's talent pool, the more often they will seek out our students for positions.
Use the template and resume development resources below to create your SCU resume.
  • List the template and resource document links below

For Current GBP Students

Once you've drafted your SCU-templated resume, complete the following steps of the resume development process:

  1.  Upload your resume into VMock for scoring and follow the editing guidance. 
  2.  After you've reached a score of 75 in VMock, reach out to a Career Coach to help you finalize your resume content.  You can schedule a resume review appointment with any of Career Coaches via Handshake.
  3.  Upload the finished resume to your Handshake profile, making sure that you've made your account visible to Employers.  If you aren't sure about the privacy settings on your Handshake account, use this Handshake Help Center article.


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