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Evening MBA


Evening MBA Curriculum

Santa Clara Business School’s core curriculum consists of core courses as well as electives. The core curriculum is designed to provide students an in-depth mastery of the academic disciplines and applied functional areas necessary to challenge conventional thinking in the global marketplace. The classes are not only taught by full-time professors but also by practitioners.

The core courses provide students with an understanding of the "context" in which businesses operate. Students acquire a holistic knowledge of business and its operations that enable them to understand how businesses are designed and successfully implemented. The core classes provides more than just practical knowledge, case-based lessons and collaborative learning models to analyze, decide, and lead — rather than merely know. Hence, the students are able to build core management skills and then move on to specialized electives that reflect their areas of interest. Before each term, exemption exams are offered, allowing students already deeply versed in a particular subject area and the opportunity to replace core courses with electives.

Evening MBA curriculum comprises of a widevariety of business classes such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, and operations. Most course descriptions and the curriculum can be seen here »

Evening MBA classes generally meet twice per week, either Mondays & Wednesdays, or Tuesdays & Thursdays. Classes meet from 5:45 - 7:20pm and 7:35 - 9:10pm.

2-unit courses generally meet twice per week for five weeks covering the first or second half of a quarter. 1-unit courses generally met once per week for five weeks covering the first or second half of a quarter. The Summer quarter is condensed into seven weeks, and class sessions are proportionally longer.