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Graduates with a degree in finance pursue careers in all types of business organizations.

Some examples include corporate financial officers, traders, investment managers, financial analysts, financial planners, investment bankers, stockbrokers, regulators, and other specialties in all types of business organizations, including financial institutions, manufacturing firms, service firms and non-profit organizations. All these organizations need the kinds of skills and knowledge provided by a finance graduate.

In Silicon Valley, many of the jobs available are in hi-tech companies that require financial expertise. A typical position, a financial analyst, could involve reviewing capital and leasing requests, compiling and coordinating the data collection for the annual capital budgets, and compiling and projecting cash flows for proposed projects.

Financial institutions, from investment banks to local commercial banks, offer entry level positions to finance majors. These positions vary dramatically based on the type of institution involved.

Finance is a global field. Capital today knows no borders and the amounts of capital that move from country to country are astounding. This globalization of finance will continue to intensify, providing many opportunities for managers and investors who have the expertise to take advantage of them.

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