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Resume Assessment

Use this site during your time at SCU to assist you in the building and branding of your resume.

To prepare you for the job search and other important events, your resume must be completed in the one-page template provided in this site for access to the job boards. This template fits within the requirements of the primary job resource tools the Graduate Business Career Management (GBCM) uses to assist you in your career search. If you submit your resume and it is not in the template, then it will be returned.

Resume Submission Guidelines

  1. Review "Building Strong Accomplishment Statements" containing important information for not only building your resume, but for the critical approval process for access to GBCM job boards.
  2. Create your resume in your designated MBA/MS degree resume template in a Microsoft word doc.
  3. If you are a current student, upload your resume (in the appropriate template for your degree) to Vmock.

Once your resume reaches a Vmock score of 75, you will be contacted by a resume consultant to finalize your resume. Work with your consultant until you receive approval.

Action Verbs Tip Sheet pdf Industry-Specific Resume Tip Sheet pdf
Relevant Skills Checklist pdf High Impact Resume Presentation  pdf
Impactful Resume Tips pdf SCU MBA Template 2019 docx
MSIS Resume template docx MS Finance Resume template docx
MSBA Resume template docx