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Noelle LaFleur
Noelle LaFleur
Management Major
Sun Valley, Idaho

Areas of Interest at SCU and LSB: In high school I was able to complete a few internships and get a lot of experience in startups under my belt which was incredible. It has been an interesting experience learning more about business in my first year classes and thinking about how I have already applied these tools to my previous internships, I just didn't know much about them! I am a Management Major with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and French. I am very interested in the food space as well as the health and wellness world, so it has been exciting to explore the on-campus opportunities in these fields. 

What are your SCU and LSB activities/general hobbies:  I am in a social sorority and on the executive board of Santa Clara Panhellenic! I am also a member of the Belles Women's Service Organization. This next school year (22-23) I will be the President of CHAARG, which is a national club focused on health and wellness for college girls. This club has been an incredible experience so far for me to meet other girls with similar passions and values, and I am excited to step into this leadership role to connect further with the SCU community and engage in topics I'm passionate about. As a Leavey Ambassador, my favorite experiences so far have been my one on one meetings with prospective students - I love having them pick my brain on all things LSB and SCU.  

What global experiences have you had in college? I decided to take French to fulfill my language requirement because I took it in high school and loved it. My professor, Nina Tanti, was super engaging and helpful and inspired me to continue with my French studies as a French minor and I will be a Peer Educator this fall! I am excited to go abroad to France to explore the culture and improve my fluency. 

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at LSB?  I am doing an internship currently that I started in February 2022. While it is uncommon for first years to be doing internships during the school year, I have really enjoyed it and have been able to apply my first year business curriculum to my internship already! Although I did not use the career center exclusively to help me get the job, I used some of their online resources to help me refine my resume and sharpen my skills for my interview. 

Favorite LSB Class and Why? My favorite class so far has been MGMT 6, Business Ethics. I took it with Professor Santoro and really enjoyed the content of the class - we discussed different cases from Facebook and Google and what decisions were made when they were going through ethical dilemmas within their companies. I'm a Management major, so this was my first taste of an MGMT class, which was amazing!

What made you choose to attend LSB? I am from a small town and attended a private high school which made my community even smaller - there were less than 50 in my graduating class. This made me want to attend a university that was not tiny but was a place where I could find community and have close relationships with my professors. I also knew I was going to study business and LSB's high ranking and well-connected network was very appealing to me. Furthermore, I had spoken to a few current students who told me that their largest class size had been 35, and I knew that was something I wanted throughout my college experience.  

What advice you wish you had while applying to college?  I have a piece of advice that might seem cliche. I was lucky enough to get into a few very difficult schools including one that had a 9% acceptance rate. When I got into that school, the first thing I was thinking was how awesome it was going to be to tell people I'm going to such a competitive school. However, when I took a step back to look at all of my options, I realised that this difficult school didn't really have much of what I was wanting in a university. It was way too big, didn't have a business school, was in an area I didn't want to live in, and more. I decided to make a big list of all of the things - big or small - that I wanted in a university, and SCU matched all of them. I realised that I would much rather go to a school that aligns with so much of what I was wanting even if it didn't have such a low acceptance rate. After doing more research I learned how well connected the Bronco community is and how many opportunities for growth I would have at SCU, and that it was the right place for me. Moral of the story - go to a school that will fulfill your needs and wants rather than a school that you feel obligated to attend based off of your acceptance.