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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Class of 2022 Ethics Center and SCU Award Recipients

2022 Markkula Prize Recipient Amana Liddell

2022 Markkula Prize Recipient Amana Liddell

The Ethics Center is proud to celebrate yet another accomplished graduating class and their achievements. We recognize our recently graduated seniors from all of the Ethics Center student initiatives, including the ESG/Business Ethics Internship, Environmental Ethics Fellowship, Hackworth Fellowship, Health Care Ethics Internship, Ethics Bowl team, and our marketing and communications interns who support the development of written and visual materials for our website and social media channels.


2022 Markkula Prize

Named in honor of Center benefactor A.C. "Mike" Markkula Jr., the Markkula Prize goes to a graduating senior who has shown outstanding commitment to ethics, either through creating programs for fellow students or completing significant research in the field.

The 2022 Markkula Prize was presented to Amana Liddell ’22.

As a 2020-21 Hackworth Fellow, Liddell worked on a project uncovering disparities in health care for Black communities. Liddell also supported the Get Vaccinated Webinar Series created by the Ethics Center in partnership with Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County. She served as moderator on many of the webinars and helped create and shape the campaign. Liddell says, "The Get Vaccinated webinars have given me an opportunity to grow and have made me even more passionate about continuing to pursue opportunities that benefit marginalized communities in any way possible. Ultimately, I have gained a greater understanding of the vast impacts of COVID-19 and vaccinations and learned how we can address the ethical issues that have arisen during the pandemic."

Liddell also participated as a 2021-22 Health Care Ethics Intern, and in that capacity she did research on the societal failures concerning unhoused people during COVID-19. She has been an extremely involved and valuable member of the Ethics Center community during her two years working with the Center, and across the university throughout the entirety of her undergraduate studies. Her contributions to the Santa Clara community also include being a member of both Delta Epsilon Mu (the professional pre-health fraternity) and the SCU EMS Squad. 

Congratulations, Amana! We can’t wait to see what you do next and the ethical awareness you will bring to all that you do in the future!


Santa Clara University Awards

Students throughout Ethics Center programs were recognized this year with awards of distinction from Santa Clara University, including:


Class of ’22 Valedictorian Kendall Moore

Class of 2022 Valedictorian: Kendall Moore

Kendall Moore graduated with majors in neuroscience and ethnic studies, and minors in biology and African American studies. Moore is a Johnson Scholar, where they have had the opportunity to develop compassionate and empowered leadership skills to help create a more just, humane, and sustainable world. Moore worked with the Ethics Center as a 2021-22 Health Care Ethics Intern, where they worked on projects concerning reproductive health within the US incarceration system, and their work is driven by the desire to help address inequities in health care, and help contribute to combating bias in this field.


Class of ’22 Neider Family Alumni Service Award Winner Brooke Rose

Neider Family Alumni Service Award - Brooke Rose

The Neidar Family Alumni Service Award was presented to a student graduating and going directly into a service-related field. The award provides financial support to two seniors leaving SCU and going directly into a service program or project.

Rose graduated with a double major in Environmental Studies and Sociology and a minor in Spanish. As a 2021-22 Environmental Ethics Fellow Brooke focused her studies on environmental justice and sustainable development, and will continue that focus as she leaves SCU and heads to Alaska to work with the Jesuit Volunteer Core.


Class of ’22 St. Clare Medal Recipient Angelus McNally

St. Clare Medal - Angelus McNally

The St. Clare Medal is awarded to graduates who are judged outstanding in academic performance, personal character, school activities, and overall contribution to the University and was established in 1968 in honor of Saint Clare of Assisi. 

As a sophomore, McNally contributed to the work of the Ethics Center as a 2019-20 Environmental Ethics Fellow where she studied transparency, bias, and beneficial use relating to the development and use of AI in the environment.



Gerald and Sally DeNardo Senior Prize for Science Research Brianna Mireku

Gerald and Sally DeNardo Senior Prize for Science Research - Brianna Mireku

Established in 2007 to complement the Gerald and Sally DeNardo Lectureship, this prize is given by the Dean to recognize outstanding science research accomplishment by a graduating senior who reflects the distinctive characteristics of a Jesuit education and is pursuing a career in the health sciences.

Mireku graduated with a major in psychology and minors in public health and Spanish. Along with her work throughout the university in Dr. Read’s Language Learning Lab and her membership in Igwebuike, Brianna was also a 2021-22 Health Care Ethics Intern. In her role with the Ethics Center, Brianna focused her efforts on the struggles surrounding Black maternal health


Best of Luck and Farewell to the Ethics Center Class of 2022!

As another academic year comes to a close, the Ethics Center congratulates all our graduating seniors from all Ethics Center internships and programs and looks forward to their exemplary work in their post-SCU careers. We invite all our students to maintain a continued partnership with the Ethics Center as they continue to integrate ethics into their personal and professional lives. We thank these extraordinary students for being a part of the Ethics Center community and are grateful for their passion and commitment to ethics, and wish them all the best as they embark on their life beyond SCU.


Business Ethics Interns

Johana Engstrom, Natalie Haberstroh, Gracean Linthacum-Janker, Jonathan Sampson, Tim Troglia

Environmental Ethics Fellows

Ramon Duran, Brooke Rose, Sam Weiser

Ethics Bowl Team

Dorian Clay, Eemon Ghasemiyeh, Emma Sand

Hackworth Fellows

Emily Bachar, Anna Demopulos, Betty Hou, Morayo Kamson, Sydney Lenoch, Emma Samuels

Honzel Fellow

Aysha Gardner

Healthcare Ethics Interns

Orlando Caballero, Madison Hoffman, Jasmine Jiang, Dwight Johnson, Amana Liddell, Brianna Mireku, Kendall Moore, Ethan Schauer, Clarissa Silvers, Alondra Torres, Primrose Waranimman, Lauren Yu

Marketing and Communications Interns

Mackenzie Airhart, Katherine Chen, Claire Lindstadt

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!


Jun 30, 2022


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