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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Hackworth Staff and Faculty Grants

The Ethics Center is thrilled to announce our 2019 Faculty and Staff Hackworth Grant Recipients.  Through the grants, effective through the duration of 2020, SCU faculty and staff can draw on the Center's resources to support their research and teaching on applied ethics, to provide co-curricular activities for their students, and to engage with a community of scholars with an interest in ethics. The recipients are:

  • Marie Bertola, Lecturer, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Irene Bubula-Phillips, Senior Lecturer, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Evelyn Ferraro, Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Erika French-Arnold, Director, Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Carol Kelly, interim Director, Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Theresa Conefrey, Lecturer, English 
    $1500 for "Is It Just Food? Sustainability, Civic Engagement, and Food Justice."
  • Zsea Bowmani, Graduate Fellow for Global Law and Policy, 
    Center for Global Law and Policy

    $850 for ""Cold War, Hot Planet.”
  • Di Di, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
    $3000 for "A Capital-Driven Science: Religion and Ethics in For-Profit Tech Companies."
  • Matthew Kroot, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology
    $1800 for "The Ethics of Speaking for Others in the Classroom."
  • Takeshi Moro, Associate Professor, Department of Art & Art History
    $2500 for "Living with Asylum Seekers in Finland."
  • Erick Ramirez, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
    $3500 for "Pilot Episode: 'Three Ethical Issues for VR Designers.'”
  • Iris Stewart-Frey, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences
    $3700 for "Incorporating Environmental Justice in the City of Modesto General Plan." 

Hackworth grants are available for SCU faculty and staff doing research or creating teaching materials on applied ethics in any discipline, and are open to applicants in the fall and spring quarter each year. The grants are provided through an endowment from Joan Hackworth and the late Michael Hackworth.

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Jan 22, 2020


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