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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Heroes and Martyrs

Environmental Ethics Fellows Publish Inspiring Portraits of Environmental Leaders

As their project for the year, the Ethics Center's six 2016-17 Environmental Ethics Fellows are publishing "Environmental Activists, Heroes, and Martyrs," portraits of global activists who have positively impacted the environment, both in the United States and globally. Stories of environmental pioneers such as Rachel Carson, Ansel Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, and Aldo Leopold, to name a few, are told through the lens of U.S. environmental history. Stories of these activists taking risks and overcoming adversity are truly inspiring reading, and the project will culminate in a compilation of essays published in booklet format high school and college classrooms for broader reach. The Environmental Ethics Fellows are: Nathaniel Bradford, Gabriella Carne, Lena Eyen, Zachary Gianotti, Marcus Grassi, and Michael Turgeon.

Mar 21, 2017


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