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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics


A collection of articles about diversity and ethics. Topics include diversity in the workplace, racial inequality, the Ferguson protests, and more.

  • Cultural Humility: A Leadership Virtue

    Best Practices for Creating an Inclusive Culture Grounded in Employee Experience

    Direction for the development of the workplace virtue known as cultural humility, defining employee experience, and identifying competencies that can be used to cultivate skills in the workforce with suggestions about how these can be woven into the intentional management and integration of corporate culture.

  • How to Create Inclusive Workplaces:

    Lessons learned from a dialogue series bringing together business leaders and academics

    Insights on developing a diverse and inclusive workplace from the Diversity Dialogues series at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

  • On the Ethics of Hysteria

    There is a role for women’s anger in social change.

  • The Science of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

    Sparking Transformative Solutions

    The co-founders of the Science of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (SODI) talk about the implications of D&I research in the workplace.

  • Talking in the Workplace

    Tools for dialogue around challenging topics at work

    Academic and industry experts discuss microaggressions, Islamophobia, and freedom of speech in professional settings.

  • How Diversity Serves Good Governance

    An investor's perspective

    BlackRock Managing Director Michelle Edkins urges diversity for boards of directors.

  • Notes from Privacy Lab

    Employee/applicant data: the interplay between privacy and diversity efforts

  • Border Poster Controversy

    Looking at the impact on persons

    Flyer message: Because of who you are, you will not be recognized.

  • Google's Handling of the "Echo Chamber Manifesto"

    Case study exploring gender in a Silicon Valley company

    Should Google CEO Sundar Pichai have terminated the author of a memo critical of "a politically correct monoculture"?

  • Women in the Silicon Valley Workforce

    A summary of a Business Ethics Partnership program.