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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Approved Pre-requisite Ethics Courses

ELSJ 198 – Ethics Prerequisite Approved Courses



149 Ancient and Modern Ethics


19 Ethics in Technology

Management (MGMT)

6 Business Ethics

Philosophy (PHIL)

7B Ethics and Public Health

21 Introduction to Ethics

22 Ethics in the Digital Age

23 Ethics & Gender

24 Ethics and Gender in Film

25 Ethics in Society
26 Ethics in Business
27 Ethics in Healthcare

28 Ethics in Politics
29 Ethics and the Environment
30 Ethics and the Law
31 Ethics and Marginalized Persons
32 Neuroethics
110 Classical Issues in Ethics
112 Ethics, Authenticity, Freedom, and Vocation
117 Bioethics & the Law
118 Ethics & Constitutional Law
119 Ethics and Criminal Law

120 Feminism & Ethics
121 Political Philosophy and Ethics

127 Marx & Ethics

130 Ethics of Artificial Intelligence 

Previous PHIL Course Numbers & Names (Prior to the 2017-18 academic year):

  2 Introduction to Ethics
3A Ethics in the Digital Age

4A Ethics & Gender 4B Ethics and Gender in Film
  5 Ethical Issues in Society
5A Ethics and Marginalized Persons

  6 Ethical Issues in Business

  7 Ethics in Medicine
7B Ethics and Public Health

  8 Ethical Issues in Politics

  9 Environmental Ethics

10 Ethics in Law

111 Bioethics & the Law
113 Ethics & Constitutional Law

115 Feminism & Ethics

116 Ethics, Authenticity, Freedom

121 Classic Issues in Ethics
122A Political Philosophy and Ethics: Classical and Modern

122B Political Philosophy and Ethics 123 Marx & Ethics

Psychology (PSYC)

114 Ethics in Psychology

Public Health Science (PHSC)

7 Public Health and Ethics

Theology, Ethics and Spirituality (TESP)

108 Human Trafficking and Christian Ethics

159 Ethics of War & Peace

Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST)

  58  Ethics & Gender
184 Feminism & Ethics
189 Sex, Law and Social Justice: The Politics of Advocacy


Theology, Ethics, and Spirituality (TESP)

157 Ethics in the Health Professions

Study abroad courses approved for SCU Ethics CORE (student will need to submit proof)