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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Mikey D

Mikey D

Mikey D

Maria Lutgarda Glorioso

Do you feel like Santa Clara has spaces for freedom of speech- for expressing freedom of free speech?

I do. I do think that Santa Clara does give those avenues. Especially with multicultural clubs if there’s race issues. There’s always discussions or talks especially if something catastrophic has happened. For example, when Trump was first elected there were many people that were scared of his presidency. And the MCC held a discussion for everyone that felt scared or threatened to talk and have that space. There's been a lot of flash mobs. Basically people go into different places walk through Benson, outside of Benson. People would congregate and talk about the issues that they were concerned about. I definitely think SCU has those spaces and we’re not too limited to what we could say.

For those flash mobs, how do they work?

They’re pretty random. I’ve only been involved in one and it was a black lives matters movement. Basically, it was a group that met in the MCC and this had been going on for some time. I forgot the organization that it was associated with. It was Igwe and someone else but basically they walked into Benson and they yelled “Black Lives Matter” three times. We were all wearing black. And after that we just walked right out. No questions no conversations. We just walked straight out.

Was this planned far in advance?

It was planned a week in advance spread by word of mouth. Anyone that wanted to come could come.

How did [this group] make you feel?

I think it was something of a strong statement that that kind of group of people would want to walk into Benson and say that kind of thing. It just shows that they really aren’t afraid of much as long as we are working together.

How did it feel for you to participate?

It felt good because I do believe that a lot of people are being treated unfairly in that way. I felt that this is something nonviolent. I think it’s a powerful statement. I felt pretty good being involved in it.

Nov 10, 2017

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