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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Humans of SCU

Welcome to Humans of SCU, an initiative connected to our project called "The Power of Our Voices." 

Of course, Humans of New York is the well-known online effort that combined photography, brief interviews, and persons-on-the-street to make known to a huge readership the lives and concerns of many otherwise unknown New Yorkers. 
We'd like to do the same for the people of Santa Clara University -- but we'd like to do so with a specific purpose connected to our project. We're focusing this year on issues like freedom of speech and civil discourse -- hence the name "the Power of Our Voices." We understand how difficult those issues can be -- especially at this time in our country. But we never want to lose sight of the real human beings caught up in these controversies -- and of the ways that speech and discourse are the lifeblood by which we come to know another person. 
So our Humans of SCU profiles will feature Santa Clarans talking about talking -- about how speech and language connects them or doesn't; reveals who they are or doesn't; and much more. Tell us who you are and what you'd like us to know about you. Tell us and let's connect. 
Taylor Berry
Maria Lutgarda Glorioso
Anand Purohit
Sarah Tarter

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