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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Government Ethics Programs

Hana Callaghan welcomes participants to the Public Sector Roundtable.

Government Ethics Director Hana Callaghan welcomes participants to the Public Sector Roundtable.

We believe most people go into public service because they want to make their communities and their country a better place. But government officials run into ethical dilemmas, which they can navigate successfully if they are prepared.

The Center offers programs that help government leaders meet those ethical challenges.

Public Sector Roundtable

The chance to share best practices with other public servants and to hear from seasoned government officials has been the driving force behind the Center's Public Sector Roundtable. This quarterly meeting brings city and county officials and representatives of special districts together to share best practices in government Ethics.

Ethical Campaign Initiative

Between smear tactics, campaign finance irregularities, and empty posturing, the public has arrived at a new low in trust for public officials; only 40 percent trust Washington to usually or always do the right thing, according to a recent Pew survey.  The Center's programs to address this issue include a MOOC on ethical decision making for candidates and regular media commentary on best practices in ethical campaigning.



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