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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Government Ethics Resources

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers articles, case studies, videos, and online training in government ethics, with a focus on values over compliance.

What is Government Ethics?
A primer on government ethics, this resource covers conflicts of interest, cronyism, lobbying, campaigning, and many other issues. Each entry includes definitions, a discussion of the ethical issues involved, and a description of the unavoidable ethical dilemmas that arise in government. Links are provided to cases and to selected Web sites with further information

Government Ethics Articles
From pension reform to transparency, from gift policies to the private lives of public officials, the resources on this site cover a wide range of topics in government ethics. Government officials and members of the public have access to articles that address perennial and emerging issues.

Government Ethics Cases
Does incivility violate a city's code of ethics? What should a public servant do when service on a regional board conflicts with her role as a city councilwoman? Should a mayor encourage city employees to give to his favorite charity? These are a sample of the government ethics cases available here.

Government Ethics MOOC
"How to run an Ethical Political Campaign--and Win!" is an online short course for candidates, campaign managers, and volunteers.

Government Ethics Videos
The Center's YouTube channel offers many videos on government ethics, with interviews of prominent Silicon Valley public officials. Videos cover topics from redevelopment to political campaign communications.

Government Ethics Stories