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2477/2479 Park Avenue Duplex

Park Avenue Duplex

Graduate/Law Duplex | 2477/2479 Park Avenue Duplex

2477/2479 Park Avenue Duplex
Front Unit: Two (2) bedroom, One (1) bathroom unit
Occupancy: 2 graduate/law students in individual bedrooms 
BackUnit: Three (3) bedroom, One (1) bathroom unit
Occupancy: 3 graduate/law students in individual bedrooms 
The Park Avenue duplex graduate Neighborhood Unit is a private residence which is located in a residential neighborhood just one block from the south end of campus. The front unit is 2 bedroom, 1 bath. The back unit is 3 bedroom, 1 bath with a large patio and backyard. The large kitchen comes with a full size refrigerator. Water, gas, electricity, and garbage utilities are included in the lease and is billed per academic term. Cable and Internet are NOT included. A minimum 10-month contract is required.
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