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Alpha - Graham Hall

Community Highlights

At the heart of innovation and integrity is where you will find Alpha RLC. In Alpha, new ideas are not only allowed, they are celebrated. Alpha's theme is Innovation, Integrity, and Impact" and the community encourages its residents to apply the theme to themselves as individuals, as students in any field of study, and as members of a larger national and global community. Living in Silicon Valley, innovation is all around us. Alpha strives to combine creativity with the moral and Jesuit values of SCU to create a positive, lasting difference on our campus and beyond. 

Housed in Graham Hall, Alpha RLC is home to approximately 375 first and second-year students living in double or triple rooms. Students live in mini-suite style rooms. The community includes 12 Community Facilitators, two Assistant Resident Directors, two Faculty Directors, one Resident Director and one Spirituality Facilitator who provide support and resources to the residents, in addition to providing community-wide opportunities to further explore our theme and the Santa Clara community. 

Alpha RLC hosts a variety of programs each quarter. These are organized by our Community Facilitators, Faculty Directors, Spirituality Facilitator and often in collaboration with other campus partners and community organizations. Our Community Council, a resident-lead programming board, also organizes socials for the entire community. Many of these programs and events center around our theme but many are meant for residents to simply connect to the community and enjoy. 
Once per quarter the entire RLC staff hosts a traditional program within the community. These include Alphalympics in the Fall, The Grahammy's in the Winter, and Grahamapalooza in the Spring.