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Loyola - Sobrato Hall

Loyola RLC

Loyola Residential Learning Community is a suite and apartment-style, four-year community, focused on the themes of faith and social justice.

The Loyola Residential Learning Community focuses on faith and social justice, and welcomes students of all faith traditions. The community invites students to explore and expand their knowledge, understanding, and awarenes of faith, justice, and the Jesuit tradition.

Loyola RLC explores faith and social justice through the following five values:

  • Scholarship: Embracing the importance and value of scholarship that educates "the whole person."
  • Spirituality: Finding a holistic approach to living that recognizes the importance of physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional well-being.
  • Hospitality: Experiencing the beauty and joy to be gained from spending time with one another - thinking, questioning, recreating and exploring the world together.
  • Solidarity: Reflecting upon our personal experience and our essential relationship to others, both locally and beyond.
  • Discernment: Challenging one another to reflect on our personal decisions, gifts and passions in order to discern how we might better serve others and the world.

Loyola RLC houses 300+ first through fourth year students in a mixed suite- and apartment-style setting. Many of students choose to live in the community throughout their four years at Santa Clara, which allows community traditions to deepen and mentorship opportunities to flourish.

Suite- and apartment-style living provides a unique opportunity for staff and students to engage with one another in thoughtful and intentional ways. Within suites, students have an opportunity to become close to up to seven other suite or apartment mates, rather than a single roommate.

Because most residents have communal space within their suite, it can be a somewhat quieter living experience than a traditional-style hall, and students may need to challenge themselves to leave the comfort of their own space. With many events hosted in public spaces throughout the building, Community Facilitators invite residents to engage with the broader community, and community-wide programs in Loyola tend to see particularly high-attendance.

The Loyola front desk often serves as an active social space, where students can pick up their mail, check out games or kitchen items, and hang out on nearby couches with friends. 


Every Residential Learning Community offers several programs and events each week. Community Facilitators and Leadership Councils host floor and building-wide socials, facilitate activities to promote wellness and mental health, lead students to on-campus events, and organize service opportunities. 

Events traditionally hosted in Loyola include community-wide Monday Night Dinners, quarterly raffles for "Loyola Bucks," which residents recieve for attending programs and having open doors, and the Annual Senior Mentor dinner.

Theme programming often includes guided meditations, service at local organizations and food banks, community masses, Safe Space and other justice-oriented trainings, and programs with aspects of discernment.


The Loyola staff is comprised of 9 Community Facilitators, 1 Spirituality Facilitator, 1 Faculty Director, 1 Assistant Resident Director, and 1 Resident Director. 

The Loyola 2019-2020 team includes:

Leadership Team

  • Matt Nazario-Miller, M.Ed., Resident Director
  • Robert Scholla, S.J., Religious Studies, Faculty Director
  • Mark Rogers, Spirituality Facilitator
  • Joseph Burwell, Assistant Resident Director

Community Facilitators

CFs in Sobrato work with approximately 40-60 students. All student staff on campus recieve training in conflict resolution and roommate mediation, crisis response, community building, and campus resources, and are present in their community to support their residents. Students can contact their Community Facilitator or Leadership Team directly for support.

Sobrato Residence Hall

Sobrato is a four-year, co-ed space that houses approximately 280 students, and offers a variety of living options. 

Sobrato's front building includes suites of four single rooms, one double room, two shared bathrooms and one common area; while Sobrato's back building is apartments made up of four single rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a common area. Each floor has 30-60 residents, and regardless of their living style, students will find a sense of community throughout the building. 

Loyola's community spaces include the Commons and community kitchen, the Den, and the Sobrato classrooms. 


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    Each RLC is coordinated by Leadership Team comprised of a live-in Resident Director (RD), Faculty Director (FD), Spirituality Facilitator(s), and Assistant Resident Director(s). Your RLC’s Leadership Team is a valuable resource and its members can help you with both personal and academic concerns.

Robert Scholla, S.J. image

Faculty Director

Robert Scholla, S.J.


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