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Loyola - Sobrato Hall

Community Highlights

Loyola RLC is located in Sobrato Hall and houses 280 students, including First-Years through Seniors. Sobrato is a community made up of suite-style and apartment settings. Students living in the front building enjoy suites of four single rooms, one double room, two shared bathrooms and one common area; while students in the back building appreciate apartments made up of four single rooms, two shared bathrooms, a full kitchen and a larger common area.

The Loyola RLC theme focuses on Faith and Social Justice. We share our home with the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education and strive to engage in their various community-service and immersion initiatives. The community in Sobrato includes a live-in staff of nine Community Facilitators, one Assistant Resident Director, one Resident Director, one Faculty Director and two Spirituality Facilitators.

What do we value?


Embracing the importance and value of scholarship that educates "the whole person."


Finding a holistic approach to living that recognizes the importance of physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional well-being.


Experiencing the beauty and joy to be gained from spending time with one another - thinking, questioning, recreating and exploring the world together.


Reflecting upon our personal experience and our essential relationship to others, both locally and beyond.


Challenging one another to reflect on our personal decisions, gifts and passions in order to discern how we might better serve others and the world.

Programs & Traditional Events


Loyola – Faith, Social Justice, and the Exploration of our Place in the World

Committed to the Jesuit practice of educating the "whole person" - heart, mind, and spirit, Loyola RLC offers an innovative program integrating courses, community-based learning and the role of religion and spirituality in contemporary life. Our residents enjoy a wide variety of community-sponsored events and programs, such as Monday Night Dinners, Loyola Liturgies and civic engagement sites off-campus. Loyola is a four-year community welcoming students of all faith traditions. Many of our students choose to live in the community throughout their four years at Santa Clara, which allows community traditions to deepen and mentorship opportunities to flourish.