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What are Ohlone people currently working on, and how can I get involved?

Ohlone tribal members are still here. And they are part of a thriving San Francisco Bay Area community working hard on issues of critical importance to their families, tribal groups, and the broader community, such as cultural resource management work, language revitalization, land rematriation, and appealing for restoration of federal recognition. Below, we feature some of the initiatives and projects led by our collaborators in the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe and the Ohlone Indian Tribe. Because Santa Clara University is involved in community work across the Bay Area and beyond, we also include information about Ohlone people living and working in other parts of the region.

Mission Dolores website interface
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Visit the Mission Dolores site to learn about the oldest intact building in the City of San Francisco and the only intact Mission Chapel in the chain of 21 established under the direction of Father Serra.

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Learn about the Ohlone Peoples gathering and other events through the East Bay Parks District.

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Which California tribes trace their history and ancestry to this land?

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What are the preferred terms I should use, and what are the linguistic and cultural histories of these terms?

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What are the most trusted sources of information for my field or area of interest?

Members of Muwekma Ohlone Tribe
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Who created this website and how was the content determined?