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Shaghaghi, Navid

About the Professor

Navid Shaghaghi is a lecturer and researcher in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) of the College of Arts and Sciences, the departments of Computer Science & Engineering (CSEN) and Bioenginneering (BIOE) of the School of Engineering, and the department of Information Systems and Analytics (ISA) of the School of Business at Santa Clara University. His research interests are in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Automation, Technology for Education, Technology Ethics, Extended Reality, Internet ofThings (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), sustainable Energy, and Web/Mobile technologies. Professor Shaghaghi currently manages 25 research projects and oversees over 120 research students and alumni in his Ethical, Pragmatic, and Intelligent Computing (EPIC) and Creative, Augmented, and Virtual Environments (CAVE) research laboratories as well as under his fellowship roles with the Frugal Innovation Hub (FIH) and the BioInnovation and Design Lab at the university.



  • Introduction to Computer Science (CSCI 10)
  • Applied Programming in MATLAB (BIOE 45)
  • Object Oriented Programming in C++ (CSCI 60)
  • Data Structures (CSCI 61)
  • Theological Anthropology and Artificial Intelligence (TESP 135)
  • Object Oriented Programming in Java (OMIS 137)
  • Web Programming I (COEN 161)
  • Web Usability (COEN 163)
  • Computer Graphics (CSCI 168)
  • Theory of Algorithms (CSCI 163A / COEN 179)
  • Undergraduate Research (CSCI 192)


  • Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming (COEN 275)
  • Advanced Web Programming (COEN 278)
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms (COEN 279 / AMTH 377)
  • Web Architecture and Protocols (COEN 315)

Past Courses

  • Applied Programming in MATLAB (COEN 45)
  • Web Programming (COEN 276)
  • Internet Architecture and Protocols (COEN 337)


Professional Society Memberships:

Professional Society Responsibilities:

ACM's Frugal Things 2020 Workshop
Role: Publicity Chair
CFP: Frugal Things 2020 Call for Papers
IARIA's AMBIENT 2020 Conference
Role: ACRE Special Track Chair
CFP: ACRE: Ambient Computing for Rural Environments
IEEE GHTC 2020 Conference
Role: Session Chair
CFP: GHTC 2020 Call for Papers
IEEE ITNAC 2020 Conference
Role: Session Chair
CFP: ITNAC 2020 Call for Papers
EAI's Mobility IoT 2020 Conference
Role: Publicity and Social Media Chair
CFP: Mobility IoT 2020 Call for Papers
EAI's INTETAIN 2020 Conference
Role: General Chair
CFP: INTETAIN 2020 Call for Papers
CFP: INTETAIN 2020 Poster Competition

SCU Student Organization Advisor:

SCU Center Affiliations:

SCU Research Lab Affiliations:


Research Areas (Alphabetical Order):

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Automation
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Extended Reality (XR: AR/MR/VR)
  • Intelligent Systems (IS)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Neural Networks (NN)
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Web and Mobile Technologies

Current Projects (Alphabetical Order per Area):

Research Paper Blockchain (RPB)
A consortium level block chain for tackling plagiarism and double submission of research papers to conferences and journals
Data Science:
Research into the quantification and visualization of olfactory data
Paper Prisons / Second Chance Gap
A statistical study of the gap size in individual criminal history expongement of decriminalized offences and development of an app suit for expungement of criminar records as well as obtainnig IDs for rehabilitated citizens.
Award:Hack-4-Humanity 2020
Articles about the project: To the State Legislature: Fulfill the Promise You Made, Pass the Clean Slate Act Today
Twitter isn't real life
An analysis of whether the sentiment surrounding a twitter handle (of politicians or celebrities) is at all an indicator of the sentiment  surrounding the owner of that twitter handle
Extended Reality (XR: AR/MR/VR):
Leveraging Alexa voice control, Unity Engine visualization, and virtual reality (VR) technologies to train designers to create lighting looks using standard industry terminology and commands.
Swing Beats - learn more
A VR/AR Music visualization and tactile haptic feedback system for teaching/learning how to dance to music.
Internal Articles: Student presents dance app at Malaysian conference
Publication: Requirements Analysis and Preliminary Development of SwingBeats: A Real-Time Haptic Beat Tracking System for Dance Education
Internet of Things (IoT):
A cost effective blod oxygen and heartrate monitor using off the shelf components and custom software
Publications: BOxy: A Cost-Effective Blood Oximeter
Low cost Dissolved Oxygen monitoring system for aquatic life applications
Publications: Long-Range Data Transmission for Online Water Quality Monitoring in Sg. Tembeling, Pahang
Videos: Data Transmission for Online Water Quality Monitoring in Sg Tembelingn Pahang
Drive Health
System for identifying potholes and other road hazards
FloMoSys (Flood Monitoring System)
Low cost and energy-efficient Flood Monitoring System
Expo presentation: EPICS in IEEE
GluMo (Glucose Monitoring)
Small factor noninvasive blood Glucose Monitoring medial instrumentation
Internal Articles: A Bloodless Coup
Publication: Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring (GluMo) | GluMo: A Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitor
HA (Hydration Automation) - learn more
Energy efficient system for automation of water systems including water tanks, pumps, etc.
Business Pitch Competition: Most Interdisciplinary Award
Expo presentation: EPICS in IEEE 2019 | EPICS in IEEE 2020
Poster Competitions: Technical Award: $500
Publications: A Low-power Wireless Sensing Unit for Hydro-System Automation | A Sustainable 3D-printed casing for Hydro-System Automation Sensing Units | ÂB: An Energy Aware Communications Protocol (EACP) for the Internet of Things (IoT)
HiveSpy  - learn more
Automation of beekeeping with a specific focus on labour shortage and the prevention of hive swarming
Award: 2018 Forbs AGTECH Thrive X Challenge
Blog Posts: HiveSpy: Bringing Automation to Beekeeping
Business Pitch Competition: Most Social Impact Award
Expo presentation: EPICS in IEEE
Internal Articles: An EPIC Effort to Help Beekeepers in the Spring 2020 issue of Engineering News
Publications: HiveSpy | Identifying Beehive Frames Ready For Harvesting
Cuckoo Prefix
A new data structure for the purpose of blocking IPs leveraging IP subnets that achieves similar throughput rates as cuckoo++ with 8 times less memory usage.
Divisibility Operator for Large Integers Using Divisibility Rules which can save CPU time and energy consumption
AI (ML and NN):
A machine learning approach for forecasting seasonal influenza outbreaks
Publications: Influenza Forecasting | eVision: Influenza Forecasting Using CDC, WHO, and Google Trends Data | Expanding eVision's Scope of Influenza Forecasting
TailorEd - learn more
Custom Image recognition applied to classroom environments in a study of the effects of technology and classroom strategies in learning
Publications: Classroom Configuration Identifier (CCID)
Video: Course Hero Edcuation Summit 2020
Web and Mobile Applications:
A platform for the democratization of political bargaining and fundraising
Mobile and web application for making ethical decisions when purchasing products.
First Responder (Firefighters, EMTs, etc.) mobile app and future specialized handheld device(s) for saving lives
Publications: Developing High-Value Technologies for First Responders | Implementing Communications and Information Dissemination Technologies for First Responders
Public Transit Hub (PTHub)
Mobile and web application for assisting SCU students with public transportation
A mobile navigation application that takes the safety of the roads into account when suggesting routes.
Publications: Safe Routes
Videos: Safe Routs

Phone: 1-408-554-4179
Office: O'Connor 26



  • Outstanding Career Influencer
  • Best Presenter at 2019 IEEE CCWC
  • Staff Team Division Award